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Looking for a Business directory list?

Business listings are not only a digital variant of the Yellow Pages where customers need to flip through pages to discover what they're searching for. They are thorough platforms that enable potential clients to identify, find out about, and contact companies useful to them.

We always recommend you list on more than one website so you do not miss out on potential customers. Bizcitruz helps you generate relevant backlinks whilst listing your business on other business websites like

Promoting your business on these web search tools,  google maps, social media platforms, and directories can fundamentally improve your online visibility and growth.

It helps to improve your local or nearby postings for most extreme visibility.

Google my business, Facebook, Instagram,  Linkedin
Bing Local, Yellowpages, Glassdoor, Yahoo local  and more

The Importance of Business Listing Sites

Many entrepreneurs think about online business listings however aren't exactly clear on how worthwhile they are for advertising and client acquisition.

If your business details are not accessible to your potential customers, how will they know you exist? If your information is wrong, how will you build trust? Trust us, In today's digital world, it is important than ever to list your business online.

Here's why it is important to keep you with online business listings:

Potential Customers Don't see you often

Customers need an approach to find your business without knowing its name. Getting listed on free business listing websites helps your potential audience find you online when they are searching for the services,

First impression is the last impression

Your online business listing could be your first experience with a client before they even make it to your website. Studies show that individuals don't simply separate from a business that has mistaken or fragmented information; they lose trust in that business.

Listings Tend to Pop Up

Many digital marketing experts simply takes heck a lot of money to list your business on websites like us. You can save that money by sparing yourself a minute and do it yourself.

Benefits of Business Directory Listings

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of getting your business visible. Your website can not only create a bang on the first impression but also will help you in business growth. Here are a few of those online business listing advantages listed down below:


1.Boosts your online visibility

Now we know that online business listings can help your targetted audience pull information when they need it. Getting listed in the business citrus business directory means getting listed in several others. Its a "twofer" or "Two for One".

2.Build your reputation

Are you scared of negative reviews? is that what stops you from getting listed in online business listings? Well, that's that case with other businesses too but getting positive reviews helps them get rid of this fear too.

Importantly, Getting many mixed reviews just strengthens your brand reputation online. Also, It shows that you are an authentic company with nothing to hide from customers.

3. Increase customer engagement

Believe it or not, easier it is for the potential customer to pull your information be it your address, contact number, or email, the more likely they are to do business with you. Online business listings are like channels through with a business can promote its business amongst customers.

4. Attract new customers

Regulars customers are awesome but not enough tho. What drives the business north are new customers, right? How to engage with new customers? The best part of listing your business with an online business listing in the directory will connect your business to the customers searching for it. In addition, Even if they don't search your company or brand name specifically.

5. Improves local visibility - SEO your business

We all have heard about search engine optimization. It helps to promote your company by increasing visibility and driving more traffic to your website. Listing your business with online business listings help you get the traffic.

Furthermore, Business citrus has a lot of filters that help your business name show up to the relevant audience. Becoming a part of the local business search business boosts your leads and ultimately; your sales.

6. Get recommended- It works!

A recommendation has always been an authentic source for your customers. we will talk about how to get online reviews in a separate article. The fact that it has become easier for customers to post a review using the apps or mobile devices.

Getting listed on a business listing search engine can show those positive reviews to spread the word.

7. Brand Awareness

When your potential customer searches a business on google or yahoo or any other search engine it displays relevant results. As it shows a snapshot of all the business available. It increases their awareness and familiarity.

8. The first page of google!

There’s a joke that asks, “Where should you bury something that you don’t want people to find?” Answer: On the second page of Google.

Listing your business with an online search engine improves your SEO by transmitting your business information. It helps your online presence and ultimately helps your ranking.

How to Show Up on the First Page of Google? It's possible through SEO practices but it can take a few months.  Business citrus has been around for a while with a high amount of traffic and trusted by Google. That means you have your high chances of showing up on the first page of google results.

What all should include in your business listing

How to list your business online? That's the question we hear a lot. Have you listed your business already? Awesome! But is it listed properly? If it's not then you are missing out on potential clients. It is equally important to keep your business visible and keeping the business contact information updated.

1.Business Name

It is very unlikely for any entrepreneur to register their business. However, many times we have seen people listing their business under the inaccurate name. Not only it confuses your customer but badly hurts the potential sales. For example, you listed your business on Google as " The vanity room Salon" and here you listed as " vanity salon ".

2. Address

We can not stress enough on the mistake people do while listing their business with different pin codes or street names. Make you put the address with is easily locatable on google maps.

3.Phone Number

We do not need to tell you how important it is to mention your phone number. Many websites have a one-tap call feature for the customers. It helps the customer to contact you without any efforts.

Remember, it is all about trust. You should not change your numbers frequently and most importantly keep it updated in the directory.

4. Website

Do you have your website? Yes! great. Many potential clients like to check your company's website before they make their first purchase. It's just one of those factors which contribute to building trust. It improves your visibility on google and increases the chances of getting leads.


Customers usually don't search for the business name. Instead, they search for the category like food, cab, shampoo, airport cab, or anything. Without a doubt, Listing your business under the wrong category is another blunder you can make. Make your you select the closest category available. For any confusion, contact the Business citrus sales team.


Writing a brief description of your company including services, types of achievement, recognition, and style of business. It really helps the customer under your business more.


So why business citrus is the best online business listing site?

Our website "Business citrus" is not just a business directory. Alternatively, Not only we list a business on our website but we send this information to other relevant websites. We have partnered with multiple high ranking websites and influencers to promote your product. When you go with paid listing, along with benefits that are mentioned above. Here are some of the more reasons to list with bizcitruz.


Bizcitruz is India's leading business search engine. In fact, part of what makes business citrus makes so reliable is our audience reach. With the help of our inhouse tools, we record the user behavior and deliver the most refined results.

Page Results

Here is another reason why bizcitruz is the best free business listing site because of its SEO. We use google features like "people also asked" or Q&A which contributes to the overall information available. It promotes customer engagement and Sales.


Our services enable your business to show up on google search and google maps. Not just that, we share your company information with our partners which increases your visibility elsewhere on the web.

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