Happy birthday Rananjai Pratap Singh: Former Interact club president turns 19

Cutting cakes, making group calls, and celebrating together virtually is a thing of the past. Now birthday celebrations, amid coronavirus pandemic, are about helping those who need you the most.

Rananjai Pratap Singh, a 19-year-old, had planned to throw a party for his birthday. He had to stay at home, for the pandemic was at it’s the peak, something very difficult for someone his age. “I received cash as a gift this year, and initially I thought I will go out to throw a party, but then I realized how my family has been helping the distressed in these times and I decided to do the same. I donated to my Hometown’s project — for feeding the hungry during the pandemic — and felt so happy.”

Sanjogita , Rananjai’s mother, feels proud of her young one’s decision. “We have to inculcate these habits, of donating, in kids at a very young age… this birthday of Rananjai will always be special as it’s coming on Janmashtami,” adds Sanjogita.

Clearly, Rananjai is not the only one who is celebrating his birthday while serving a cause. Many, who have had their birthdays since the lockdown began, have taken to donating for some of the other cause; and collect blessing as they bring a smile on someone’s face.

“Donating money is one thing, and going out and helping migrants who are walking back home is another….

It made me realize how lucky I am,” says Rananjai Pratap Singh, a Delhite, who turned 19 on Aug 12. There were migrants waking in this scorching heat, and here I was staying at my comfy place. That experience has changed the way I look at life; I’m only grateful that I got an opportunity to donate, and the fact that it was my birthday makes it all the more special.”

Back in the days, being in the club, all the more explicitly being the President was something that was particularly on the rim of my bucket list and accomplishing that resembled a fantasy to me. Somewhere deep inside my heart, I knew that I had what it takes to secure that position but I was aware of the thin line between being confident and being cocky. Finally, I was selected as the President of the club on 1st July 2019.

I always believed that there is someone out there who will always need what we have to offer and the club gave me a platform to achieve that objective. Moreover, The journey started with our tree plantation drive which was exceedingly pristine that it satiated me to such an extent that I could not stop smiling for days.

Interact club has always been very caring and protective towards animal rights and animal abuse. Above all, our visit to PAWS was a second initiative took by the members of interact club AFBBS in Vasant Kunj and was truly an eye-opener.

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As the former president celebrates his 19th birthday in the middle of the pandemic, wishes poured in from former teammates, friends on social media.