India has been reporting a record number of increase in coronavirus cases each day. The pandemic an effect on economies around the world, and the smallest of companies have felt the weight. Similarly, as each war has a successor and a losing side, a few companies really figured out how to flourish due to the spread of the coronavirus. The personal hygiene showcase has come out at the head of the pandemic as interest for things that could forestall a coronavirus disease. For example, covers, PPE suits, gloves, and hand sanitisers rose. Edtech or the web-based learning space developed too.

The effect on startups can be much brutal as they have lesser savings and a littler edge for overseeing unexpected droops. The gradually expanding influence of this shutdown is affecting India’s economy, as all business segments get influenced bringing about low income. It is normal that India’s development rate in FY20-21 will be down to 2% from a scope of 4.7%-5.2% as said by the rating organization ICRA.

In this way, during such testing occasions, startup business people should adjust to another arrangement of rules and be aware of the accompanying viewpoints. Likewise, To lighten dangers and to endure the log jam brought about by the effect of COVID19.


  1. Tracking expenses against the revenue status

During this infection, it is of most extreme significance for business to direct an appropriate appraisal of their fixed and variable costs just as the genuine incomes. This appraisal will give an away from of where an organization stands monetarily and help the entrepreneurs. This methodology can be actualized in any event, when the pandemic impact settles.

2. Checking the feasibility of the business mode

Considering the market is changing each week (and for the more regrettable), it is basic to rethink the plan of action and re-evaluate where your business remains according to your assumption concerning the income and cost. This is additionally a crucial opportunity to follow current money related measurements and income. Be aware of what your runway is. Businesses need to assess the effect on new deals, assortments, credit cycles and expected awful obligations.

3. Plan policies for next 3 months/ 9 months/ 18 months

Since it is hard to measure how long this pandemic will last, it is critical to be ready for all situations. If you think about it as a 3-month issue, a moment end on factor uses like recruiting, advertising, travel, and so forth can help. In any case, if the emergency proceeds for 9 months to a year, entrepreneurs should reconfigure their business methodology. To decrease the variable costs, renegotiate fixed costs, and spotlight just on the significant fundamentals for endurance. It might be a smart thought to return to deals methodology – selling on the web versus face to face.


The coming time will observer the grade of overwhelming traffic towards the online stage. This gives a brilliant chance for people to set up their online business. Indeed, even in the current situation, proceeding with an online business will be a success win circumstance for you. Here is all you have to think about what every online business and thoughts you can without much of a stretch beginning and things you may require to arrangement.

Get hired on a freelancing platform

There are multiple platforms such as  Freelancer, 99designs, Fiverr, etc that helps you to get connected with the employers based on your skills. As per your skills, you can pick a project and can start working on it. The virtual office concept is gaining much attention from the employers as well as employees

You can search for projects such as:

  • Web designing project
  • Freelance content marketing
  • Social media marketing 
  • Online PR activities
  • Digital Marketing Projects
  • Sales projects

As per your skills, you can pick a project and can start working on it. The virtual office concept is gaining much attention from the employers as well as employees. 

Sales and Marketing Professionals are in high demand!

If you think you are great in your discussions and can govern a discussion, you can make a major route in this field. With pretty much every business being progressed to the online stage, deals and showcasing occupations are blossoming.

For the excited spirits, who are happy to be a piece of the corporate world, they can enter through this channel. Online hirings for a promising profession are being directed in different organizations.

Here’s a list of small businesses that have been thriving since the pandemic began:


The interest for mask soar after medical communities around the world said they were a significant preventive measure.


One of the principle items remembered for PPE packs, careful outfits saw a spike during the pandemic. Numerous companies set up creation units to make surgical outfits, particularly for the social insurance network.


For some individuals, including doctors and other human services professionals, wearing clinical gloves has become important to reduce the spread of coronavirus.


Interest for hand sanitisers has risen 100x since the pandemic started. Most companies have been effectively ready to make this item, particularly after existing brands battled to stay aware of the pace of usage.


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