Written by: Rananjai Pratap Singh

The inspiring journey of Paytm Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Lately, the Indian economy has witnessed another type of entrepreneurs with their solid intention to confront the hardest of emergency. For example, the worldwide downturn of 2008. However, with their solid conviction, commitment, and confidence in thoughts these entrepreneurs spearheaded brand new experience. Especially in a country with the second-largest population and consumers on the planet.

Paytm, became an undisputed leader in the space of Mobile payments, E-wallets and E-trade just to give some examples. The progress of Paytm began in the year 2010 by a visionary former student of Delhi College of Engineering (presently DTU) Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma. The organization saw an unexpected altitude after the surprising incident of demonetization by the respectable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. Paytm got one of the prime sources to run the economy. Therefore, taking into consideration the lack of flow of cash, individuals were attracted to utilize Paytm.

On those occasions, it turned into help for many lower-middle-class and middle-class working population. Not just this, it turned into the torch-bearer of the cashless economy (or say less-cash economy). Initially, Paytm was focusing on catering to young millennials and was doing incredibly well. The youth more or less wanted to be technologically driven, which was the concept PAYTM was working on.

Demonetization helped Paytm

The demonetization opened another way for Paytm. At the same time, It helped the organization spread its base among the non educated and carefully mindful individuals like street vendors.

Many individuals became fools when they began to see the flyers of “Paytm Accepted here” in each corner of the nation. It even includes the remote zones of our nation. This out of the box thinking has helped it increase 100 million enrolled clients.


In the year 2017, Mr. Sharma was regarded as the most youthful Indian billionaire having a benefit of $1.3 billion. Before Paytm, he established the framework stone of its Parent organization One97 correspondences in the absolute first year of this millennial. Preceding that, being a graduate of one of the most splendid foundations of India, he built up his site, in the year 1997 and later on sold it for a valuation of $1 million. Mr. Sharma utilized this cash to yield different substances like news, cricket scores, jokes and ringtones, and so forth by methods for One97 Communications. He sees Mr. Jack Ma and Masayoshi as his motivation who is at present his colleagues as well.

Looking forward to a cashless India, Vijay’s dream is to bring half a billion Indians to the mainstream economy. His dream is to build India’s first $100 Bn firm, a company that would make the nation proud.

In conclusion, Mr. Sharma is an epitome of intelligence, hardwork and dedication which inspired and will inspire millions of entrepreneur in the nation.

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