Sales Surge for Makers of Dettol

Customer interest for cleaning items from Dettol to Lysol gave a pandemic deals flood to Reckitt Benckiser. In spite of the fact that the company is as yet battling to keep racks supplied in “pockets” of the UK and US.

The purchaser products gathering, which claims brands including Cillit Bang, Nurofen and Durex. Beat market expectations with complete incomes rising 11.9% to £6.9bn in the first half. The exhibition was driven by deals at its cleanliness division, with Lysol rising 70% in North America and Dettol 62%. All out online deals of Reckitt Benckiser items flooded 60% fuelled by stay-at-home customers under lockdown.


Laxman Narasimhan, the Reckitt CEO, said that once the pandemic passes interest for individual and family unit cleaning items would come back to normal levels. “There has been quite a seismic shift in how people are living,” he said. “We expect it to continue but not at levels it has been. People are nesting at home, you see that in the number of plates being washed and cooking at home. When the pandemic hit, the lockdown hit, we did see pantry loading. People did go out and buy more than they normally would to make sure the pantry is stocked. But at the end of the day underlying consumption [of cleaning products] doesn’t necessarily change. We are seeing an unwind of that.”

Narasimhan portrayed Lysol and Dettol as “super brands” with joined deals of more than £4.5bn every year. He featured worldwide interest, highlighting a Dettol handwashing challenge crusade run. This happened on the video site TikTok in India, which pulled in 124bn perspectives.

In any case, he conceded that while the organization has figured out how to adapt to disturbance to flexibly chains during the beginning phases of the pandemic it is as yet battling to stay aware of the interest in certain business sectors.


Supply clearly is stronger and we are producing more than what we did in the past, but not enough and we are bringing more on,” he said. “[It is about] ensuring we have the right mix in place so when people walk into a store [our products] are available. Clearly in certain pockets we are still not available to the level we would like to be and that continues to be an area of focus. Certainly some pockets of the UK, which we are working to fix, and certain parts of the US, no question.”

He added that “lower social interactions” during the pandemic, with pubs, bars and clubs shut and the nation social distancing under lockdown, impacted Durex sale.


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